Use and Importance of NullEdgeBased

Use and Importance of NullEdgeBased

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” ― Malala Yousafzai

Education is a blessing that shouldn't be taken for granted, being used to change the world and our understanding of it. It provides the knowledge and skills as to adapt to different physical situations of the world and with each other and society has encouraged the desire of learning as to give everyone the capable skills to do what they wish, not being stuck in life due to ignorance.

For me, I've always been immersed with the world of trading, mathematics as well as anthropology. The precarious future of the job market was always something I and probably many others fear, with the need for certain people of certain skills but also the fact that there is always a biasedness or a feeling of not being able to achieve the goals one may have due to the situation they're in. Because of that, I've learnt to become independent through the matter of not relying on others and getting the job done by myself, easy as pie. During the years of secondary school, there was a game called Spiral Knights that allowed me to start learning about the methodical ways of trading as well as inspired me to learn about economics. Within the game, there was a virtual currency system that all players followed by and using that, it allowed players to buy certain equipment to be used by their knight. There were many things in the game that had disparities in their prices, and that's how I started getting into the mindset of a trader.

Sure, this was merely just a game, however, I soon moved onto the gaming platform known as Steam after being introduced to it by a friend, which allowed me to interact with many users, some willing to buy my in-game items from Spiral Knights for other in-game items from other games upon Steam which had a monetary worth as displayed upon the Steam Community Market. I began shifting from Spiral Knights onto Steam as to venture into this trading scene and soon made some pocket money from merely following the idea to "buy low and sell high (market price)".

Some pocket money (held as virtual items) was converted into Bitcoin, trading with some traders who were willing to do such a deal, and then deposited into a Stock Market Trading account. By that time, I had learnt about the Stock Market and such, watching a couple documentaries about the fascinating lives of a normal-day trader but also reading online masses upon masses about why certain things raise or lower in pricing by certain factors. That mindframe has, ever since, been stuck in my head, allowing me to understand the effects of media-covered events upon the economy but also understand the virtual item economy even better and how it worked. I later gave up on Stock Market trading due to the fact that at times, I couldn't keep up as I had school but also was a gamble in times of uncertainty, something I didn't like when it came to trading. Trading within the virtual item economy had more stability as prices wouldn't rapidly change within a matter of seconds and was more structured but of course, this meant that the potential profit was much lower, with more transactions having to be done.

After an incident, I was soon introduced to coding and picked up HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, which coincidentally were the languages that were essential for a full stack web developer, and established the basics within a matter of months, due to the fact that I heavily enjoyed learning it as it wasn't readily taught at school compared to the expanse of the internet and thus, learnt from the many helpful sites on the web, teaching myself the possibilities and techniques of a web developer whilst still achieving an array of achievements and top grades at school. I've yet to actually take on a full-on project that I can commit a couple of good months to that has any applicable uses other than being a fondue of text and can be developed and provide some sort of income as to aid people.

Learning everything above within the matter of 3 years has managed to reduce the amount of fear I had before about being ready for the job market, however, I am committed to attaining a higher state of mind by perhaps creating an application aimed at a global audience and learning much more about the world and technology during the development of this project.

As for this site, I'll be documenting the websites, methods, modules, frameworks, new techniques and any useful information from my own database of knowledge that can give a multitude of people advice such as with trading as to make use of my skills to understand many things and pass on credible knowledge, or my own works (expansive essays delving into certain topics, application demos, code), acting as a portfolio as well but also a hub for information, I suppose.